Yoga Teacher Training in India – Eligibility

Anyone who is interested in learning ancient Indian system of Yoga and its applied sciences, with basic knowledge of yoga and ability to follow the yoga instructions and lectures in English, is welcome to join our yoga teacher training course certified by Yoga Alliance (RYT 200).
yoga poses


Individuals suffering from any ailments are advised not to seek admission for this course.
The candidate’s age should not be less than 18 years at the time of admission. Yoga aspirants above the age of 50 years may be considered by the executive committee provided a fitness certificate is submitted at the time of admission.
In case of pregnancy, a medical authorization certificate for practising yoga is required.
During the course, if a candidate is found unfit to undergo the course, his/her training will be discontinued and no refund of fees/charges will be made.
The system of the traditional teaching some time may differ from the west. Therefore students are advised to make their mind before they apply or get registered. Even some time the fundamental understanding of yogic path may differ from yoga schools in the west.
Those, who are just expecting some of the modified versions of physical exercises in the name of Yoga, then Rishikesh Yog Peeth may not be the right place. One should apply only if he/she is willing to follow the strict yogic rules and regulations of the centre.

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