Yoga Teacher Training – Code of Conduct

» Routine of the course should be strictly followed. Discipline is an integral part of this training program. Disrespect may render the student to lose his/her studentship and in such case no fees would be refunded.
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» Absence from any activity of the scheduled program is a gross breach of discipline. Under inevitable circumstances, a student should obtain permission in advance from the teacher concerned/the respective Manager accordingly.
» If a specific meal is to be avoided, it should be informed to the person concerned in good time, so that no food may be wasted.
» Guests of the students will have to make their own arrangements.
» During the course, any kind of extra-ordinary activities, not related to the course, will not be permitted.
» No student would be allowed to enter in to the hall, once the class starts.
» All the library books and other dues, if any, must be settled before leaving the place.
» Smoking and drinking alcohol are strictly prohibited.

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