Yoga Questions

What initially inspired you to do yoga? My sister was handed book called Waking by Matthew Sanford. Upon receiving it, she was excited about the story… one man losing movement due to a spinal cord injury, only to reclaim it a different way through adaptive yoga by reconnecting the mind and body in the most powerful way. With my sister being a yoga therapist and me having a spinal cord injury, Matthew’s story inspired our new found venture. We no longer lived on polar opposite ends of movement. After reading Waking, I must admit I was still struggling with the possibility of me doing yoga. “How can I do yoga when I can’t move my own?” However, with props, a belief that simple is more and an amazing yoga therapist, I do yoga!

yogastories What do you remember about your 1st yoga class? I remember feeling my body in ways I had never felt in it before. With paralysis, you always seek this experience. The new feeling offer a new connection I was excited to extend.

What keeps you coming back to your mat everyday? The ability to connect with portions of my body that I naturally to not feel day to day due to my paralysis.

Chanda is the founder of The Chanda Plan Foundation, which is all about “Improving the quality of life for persons with physical disabilities through education and programs to access integrative therapies.”

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