Yoga Precautions for Pregnant Students

Pregnant yoga students should be in specialized classes with teachers who have previously completed prenatal yoga teacher  training courses. This is the reason why some yoga school shave a policy for classes to begin with a health warning in regards to pregnancy. Every person has the right to refuse a teacher who might be risking their health. Likewise, every teacher has a right to refuse a student who would jeopardize his or her health.
yoga images Yoga is a great activity that allows pregnant women to remain calm, stay active, and be limber. Women with healthy pregnancies can likely practice asana, pranayama, and meditation all the way up to their due date. Some pregnant women find pranayama makes life a bit more comfortable during labor. However, all pregnant students should first check with their physician to get their approval to do yoga training for safety reasons. There are some other precautions yoga instructors should be aware of when teaching classes to pregnant women.
During the first trimester, a mother’s body is going through major changes. Her hormones are shifting to allow room for the growing fetus. She may have some nausea and tenderness around her breasts. Most of these changes are unnoticeable to others. Most pregnant women can engage in their normal activities as they did prior to pregnancy. A pregnant woman should drink a lot of water while practicing yoga in her first trimester and pay special attention to her body for any signs of discomfort. Pregnant women should not push themselves too hard and should not engage in jumping.
During the second trimester, the pregnant mom is pretty well adjusted to being pregnant. The belly is protruding, and there are more precautions they must take during yoga training sessions during this semester. The student’s joints are becoming more lubricated as they prepare for birth. This can be a concern when performing asana because she may put herself at risk of injury by reaching too far during a stretch. Pregnant women must proceed with their poses slowly and with caution. Movements should all be slow, and they should never lie flat on their back to make sure they have good blood flow going to the uterus.
The last trimester and weeks of pregnancy are more uncomfortable for women as their belly continues to stretch and grow. A pregnant woman’s balance is off a bit during this last trimester so she should be careful to go into her balance poses carefully and use the help of a chair or wall for stability. Any kind of prop is useful for helping a pregnant student maintain her balance during this trimester. During this time, pregnant women should keep moving during their asana routine and not stay in one specific pose for a long time. Women need to avoid lying flat on their back during this semester as well.

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