Yoga Poses for Relaxation

Do you often do yoga poses? In my  opinion, once you start learning and practicing yoga, relaxation poses will become a part of your yoga routine. As you will progress to master each yoga pose, you will slowly learn to relax in it. But other than that, there are some yoga postures that are done to relax body and mind.

Apart from improving general health , yoga practice promotes relaxation of your body and mind. The modern stressful life takes it’s toll on all of us. Practicing Yoga regularly everyday, makes it easy to deal with the day to day stressful situations.

By doing yoga poses, especially these relaxing yoga poses, we can get peaceful sleep and feel fresh the next morning. These poses are done by themselves or they are done while practicing yogasanas to rest a little in between other poses. If you have been practicing yoga for some time, you may already be knowing some of the relaxing yoga poses listed below and you may already be doing them.

Supine poses release stress and improve flexibility.


Seated relaxing yoga poses


Hope more opinions from you on relaxing poses.

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