Yoga For Weight Loss: Common Obstacles

For effective weight loss yoga, be careful of following obstacles:

yoga pose

  • Low self esteem. Worrying too much about your weight or appearance may lead to low self esteem. Focus on your to lose weight.
  • Ultra slim looks. Some ladies pursue weight loss for ultra slim looks propagated by weight loss industry. Do not spoil your health by resorting to crash diets or weight loss gadgets. Regular yoga practice will help you to get your ideal body weight and a well proportioned body.
  • Quick Weightloss Yoga. Setting very high weight loss targets is counter productive. Yoga practice cannot promise to make you slim overnight. Remember all the weight was not gained in a day, it will take time to go off. Slow and steady progress is the mantra for permanent weight loss.
  • Permanent Weight Loss cannot be achieved by quick fix methods marketed by multi million dollar weight loss industry. You may not lose weight, but you are sure to loose couple of dollars! Be careful in selecting your weight loss plan. Do you want free weight loss tips which are simple yet effective?
  • What is my ideal body weight? Your ideal weight depends on your genes, height, age, dietary habits, sex and basal metabolic rate. Therefore it is not mandatory to follow classical height weight charts. Yoga increases your body awareness and your body will give you indications if you are overweight. If you exercise regularly, a few pounds of extra weight is not a issue unless it effects your appearance and personality.

For permanent loss of extra weight, yoga for weight loss can be considered. Weight loss is not a one time affair, it is a continuous process.

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