Yoga for Couch Potatoes

It is human nature to want changes in some areas of the body more than others, and you are confined to a couch because of a health condition and are in more difficult position to do the usual set of postures taught in yoga classes. The yoga workout for couch potatoes is specifically designed for total body balance, which is the key to getting shape when you are idle on the couch.
yoga images The best way to do yoga exercises of this kind is with a simple posture where you place a mirror in front you, sit and take a good, hard look at your body. What parts of your body needs to be reduced? What needs to be worked on? A self-assessment of your body will help you realize the perfect postures needed to correct them. These yoga postures are all simple enough to do sitting on a couch, with no other equipments but your body. Simply sit on an armless chair or a couch, with your back erect and shoulders back, knees bent at 90 degree and hands either on your knees or joined together.

You should be able to see your toes without bending. Your mind should also be cleared off the clutters, as well as relaxed. With this position, you can now get engaged in core exercises, neck muscles, thighs and feet with your yoga training session for the day. You can do them all at home, or in your hotel room bed or a friend’s when you are traveling. After these postures, eventually, you will be self-motivated enough to enjoy the yoga routine so much that you will be able to move to the next level.
Your routine with yoga couch exercise plan should take no longer than thirty minutes, no matter how many postures you decide to include. As you already know, here more time is spent doing mild postures that are counterproductive not only to the hands and legs but neck muscles and face.

As for when you do your yogic exercises, the morning is optimal to charge your metabolism and clear your mind for the day. While you need to stick to the program and do all the exercises in each section, you can surely change the order of these postures. However, the most important thing is that you make time for these exercises. Yogic exercises for couch potatoes is not a comparison study to other workouts. It’s a program for life.

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