Yoga for Body Toning II (Plug)

Yoga for Body Toning II (Plug) was released to Google Play yesterday. Please Note: This application is a plugin session of the main application ‘Daily Yoga’ ( Please first get ‘Daily Yoga’ installed before using this plug-in. This application is the property of Daily Yoga Inc., with all rights reserved.

Yoga for Body Toning II provides advanced session that will help you burn fats and build figure through comparatively tough warm-ups, stretching and balancing exercises. Through an overall training almost all your body parts will be covered to better your shape. This session advocates muscular endurance, attention focus and a basic knowledge of yoga skills.

During the practice we utilize dynamic postures for physical activation. Besides traditional warm-ups, various limbs stretches and balancing postures, some basic inverted postures are also introduced to boost up your blood circulation and metabolism. Postures as Plow and Basic Fish will stimulate the organs in your abs region through very effective abs contraction and extension thus to promote better digestion. Also via inverted posture your brain will gain a fresh blood supply to be totally refreshed and to better function.

The 30-min training is suitable for everyone to enjoy an all-around body building exercises especially in summer time. The 45-min is a relatively challenging session including inverted postures which might be preferred by intermediate yogis to get more benefits.

Notable Features
- Compatible with both Smartphones and Tablets.
- HD Videos for Landscape View and Full Screen Support!
- Language support of English and Mandarin.
- Dynamic yoga sessions of 30 mins and 45 mins.
- Detailed voice narration, background music and posture videos.
- Timer set and smooth flow between each posture.

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