Yoga for Body Toning I (Plug)

This is a plugin of ‘Daily Yoga’. This app does not open on its own. Please first get the main app ‘Daily Yoga’ installed before using this plugin:

Yoga for Body Toning I provides good figure building sessions besides weight loss training. Through an overall training almost all your body parts will be covered to burn fats and better your figure.

This session includes the elements below to fully activate your body:
- A full set of Sun Salutation
- Effective limbs stretches
- Forward bends and back bends
- Balancing postures

The asanas embedded are mostly effective stretching postures by which your arms and legs will be nicely toned. All the way accompanied by several balancing poses, you will better learn how weight is distributed for you to stay in poses much longer.

All the forward bends and back bends are extremely beneficial for the organs in your abs region. Your stomach, kidney and intestines will be stimulated to promote better metabolism, digestion and excretion.

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