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Yoga exercises are named as yoga asanas or yoga poses. These are the various techniques which are performed to treat the various problems of the body and the mind as well.

Yoga exercises are popular among people who are fitness conscious. If coupled with a balanced diet, jogging, walking and regular workout, performing yoga helps an individual to maintain health and overall fitness. For this, it is essential to gain appropriate knowledge about different forms of yoga and various methods to perform exercise.

Continuous practice of yoga gives strength and ability of fighting against diseases it being a quite effective way of gaining various benefits. Yoga exercises are nothing but asanas or postures in which the yoga is performed. Some common forms of yoga are:

  1. Asthanga Yoga : It is said to be a combination of 8 special steps of yoga. It is also called as a forceful yoga due to the reason that it requires great amount of input of physical energy. It is found to be one of the most important exercises because the body becomes healthier very quickly due to continuous movement.
  2. Iyengar Yoga: The person needs to be very much specific while doing this yoga asana. It requires both mental as well as physical body movement but with great care and attention. You are no allowed to move any part of your body according to your own choice. And if the yoga is practiced properly and continuously then most of the problems can be treated easily.
  3. Hatha Yoga: The entire focus of this yoga exercise is based on breathing and mental consciousness. Meditation means complete independence of the mind. It means freedom from the tensions and worries. This is the most opted way of doing Hatha yoga. Breathing and Meditation exercises are done to heal the problems naturally.
  4. Pranayama : It is another most commonly performed yoga of these days. It is an act of balancing the mind and the body just by opting different ways of breathing. There are techniques of breathing which can heal various problems of the human body. It has been found that each and every part of the body including each and every muscle, vein and cell gets affected by doing pranayam. Continuous practice of pranayam is good for the healthy well being of an individual.

Yoga is directly connected to the physical as well as mental exertion of the body. It requires stretching of the body due to which body becomes more and more flexible and free of diseases.

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