Yoga Class Etiquette

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  • Arrive at the class on time. Make sure that you leave enough time to pay and, if necessary, to speak with the instructor about any injuries you may have or instructions you may need. Arriving late distracts the other students as well as the instructor.
  • Take a shower before and after your yoga class.
  • Switch off your mobile phone.
  • Remove your shoes and jewelry before class and place out of the way of mats.
  • Do not wear perfumes, whether natural or artificial. This includes essential oils, aftershaves, scented shampoos, and the like. Sweating intensifies the smells and some students can be very sensitive to this.
  • Keep your yoga mat clean.
  • Place your mat according to the dimensions of the class so that the space is well utilized. If there is an empty spot next to you, offer it to another student.
  • Do not leave the class during Savasana. If you must leave before the class is finished, do so before Savasana, allowing sufficient time to collect your mat and other belongings and to leave quietly.
  • Do not step on others’ mats.
  • Don’t talk or whisper in class. It is distracting to others.
  • Make lavatory visits during rest periods; walk around the outside of the class to avoid obstructing the view of the teacher for the other students.
  • When the class has finished, collect your belongings and return any objects that you may have used such as blankets or blocks.

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