Yoga & Children

One of the most frequently asked question parents have is when they can start teaching Yoga to their children. PattabhiJois said that no matter the age, one should never force a child to do Yoga, however the appropriate age to start teaching Yoga is at the age of six.

yoga & child If you practice Yoga regularly in your home, it is likely that your child may start to imitate you even before this age. If this is the case, let them continue and have fun!

Because of the many benefits that the practice of Yoga offers to little ones, many schools today schools offer Yoga before the age of six. At this age, Yoga is introduced as a game imitating the positions and sounds of animals. In this way, they are not only learning Yoga positions but also about animals and the sounds they make. They have lots of fun. Sometimes the children imitate the positions and other times they just watch. It�s important to keep the spirit of the game spirit and not make it a requirement. During these classes, children are also exposed to relaxing music and are able to sing and have a good time. They learn to breathe appropriately and to control the breath, techniques that teach them to be calm and deal with challenges whenever they need them.

Children have soft bones and joints and it is a great advantage to start practicing Yoga at an early age to keep their bodies flexible and healthy.

The effects of Yoga go beyond a healthy and flexible body. It also relaxes the mind and aids the nervous system. Here are just a few of the many benefits that practicing Yoga can have on your child:

- Learn to breathe properly.
- Increase the lung capacity.
- Learn to be alert and relaxed.
- Promote a sense or well-being.
- Strengthen the immune system.
- Feel more comfortable and in control of one’s surroundings
- Improve physical flexibility.
- Connect with the spiritual world.
- Calm the nerves.
- Sleep deeply and relax.
- Relax the mind.
- Improve memory.
As a final point, I would like to mention that the teachings of Yoga are not related with any religion or cult. One can practice Yoga regardless of whether they’re Christian,Jewish, Muslim, agnostic, or follow any other belief.

The regular practice of Yoga allows one to experience a connectionwith the spiritual world, with a vaster world, an infinite world. This connection makes one internally strong.

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