Yoga Can Help Prevent Suicide

Most of us witness stories about suicide in movies or in TV shows, but many individuals are not aware on just how real this problem is. According to the World Health Organization, around 3,000 people commit suicide everyday. That would mean that for every 30 seconds, a person takes his or her own life. This rate is very alarming, especially since suicide is no joke. When people commit suicide, it is not only their lives that end up being affected as the lives of their family and friends will be damaged forever because of this selfish act. There are many reasons that can lead to suicide, however the most common cause for suicide is depression.

Depression is also another problem that plagues millions of people, and it can affect anyone, regardless of their age. Everyone is susceptible to developing clinical depression, but anyone who has this ailment can help himself or herself recover as well. A lot of people are afraid of seeking medical help to treat depression because they don’t want to take the drugs that may end up causing more harm than good.

Some people aren’t aware that there are a lot of alternative treatments for depression, and an example of this alternative treatment is yoga. By performing yoga, one can greatly reduce the feelings of worthlessness, and other negative thoughts that can usually lead to the development of depression. Once depression is lessened, the chances of performing self-harm will decrease as well. We’ve included in our article a brief discussion on how yoga can greatly help someone recover from depression and prevent suicide, as well as an explanation on how yoga can be an excellent alternative treatment for depression.

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