Yoga and Soccer Go Hand in Hand

Goal, beer, enthusiasm, and Brazil, nothing you`d rather miss right now! Yeah, it`s World Cup time! When watching the exciting matches of world cup, you have to admit that indeed soccer is a game of strength and wisdom. Men always enjoy this kind of sports with a burst of adrenaline, while if you still believe that soccer has nothing to do with yoga, I have to tell you, you can`t be more wrong.


Yoga could change the way you play soccer. Yoga has proved its efficacy through ages and is well known for its healing and strengthening benefits of the mind and body. Practicing yoga can definitely improve the way you play. In general, playing soccer need more stamina while performing high-energy activities like running, kicking, sprinting, and jumping. In other words, flexibility of the muscles is crucial for this sport.

Soccer is all about alertness and concentration. But, the players are often left tired and consumed. This is where yoga steps in. It helps reduce the stress and rejuvenate the spirit and inner strength of the players. Just three yoga poses are as follows. Soccer players, make the best out of these!

One of them is Seated Straddle, a pose that gives an excellent stretch to the inner thigh muscles. If the soccer player has tight hamstrings, this yoga pose would be of great help to keep their backs straight. Seated StraddleThe Downward Dog Pose is an iconic pose that strengthens the transverse abdominals, lumbar extensor muscles that play a vital part for soccer players.Down Dog PoseThe Pigeon Pose is yet another important pose that can help soccer players have to excel. As this pose stretches the outer hip of the front leg and the hip flexors of the back leg, thereby giving more work and exercise for the parts that are below the abdomen, this pose is important for soccer players.clip_image004Apart from these specific reasons, in general, yoga relieves the players from stress and makes them more concentrated in working the ball towards the goal. On the whole, just as yoga is useful for anyone, so it is for the soccer players too!

Here is good news for men who want to have a try: Daily Yoga APP contains a series of professional yoga practicing programs suit for not only experienced yogis, but also beginners. As soon as you realize yoga can improve your sports performance, just give yourself a chance to enjoy the world of yoga.

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