Why Yoga?


The response may differ from person to person, but ultimately yoga makes you feel great in body, mind and soul. It’s that simple. It is strengthening, and it is opening; it is challenging and it is relaxing. Yoga removes limitations and provides clarity to enhance your experience of life.



Good for your body
•    Improved flexibility, balance and strength
•    Improved core strength and cardiovascular endurance
•    Increased energy and vitality
•    Improved immune functioning and digestion
•    Calms the nervous system
•    Weight management

Good for your mind
•    Stress relief
•    Improved concentration, determination and mental focus
•    Transforms old habits into inspiring ways of being
•    Emotional stability

Good for your soul
•    Emotionally uplifting and life affirming
•    Greater self-awareness of self and well-being
•    Connection to spirit and others

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