Whether Vajrasana Is Helpful in Reducing Stress?

In the following weeks Daily Yoga we release a new plugin called Basic Seated Session. In this plugin, there is a pose called Vajrasana? Did you ever hear about it?

Perhpaps when some one hear about this yoga pose, he or she will guess whether vajrasana is helpful in reducing stress? Yeah, i would like to tell you yes.

yoga Vajrasana is also called as the diamond pose or the thunderbolt pose where the word Vajra stands for thunderbolt or the diamond and asana means posture or pose. It is one of the basic poses and is used while practicing pranayama or breathing exercises and sometimes while practicing Dhyana or meditation. It is also practiced in between asanas when you feel tired and want to relax for a while. This asana or pose can be safely practiced by everyone except for those who have weak knees or some knee problem.

To perform Vajrasana:

- Sit on the heels and rest palms on your knees, with your big toes touching but your heels parted.
- Straighten your spine and tuck in your chin; gaze forward with a peaceful mind.
- Inhale and exhale, slowly and deeply. Focus your attention on specified body parts, e.g. your abdominal region and the expanded chest. Feel unlimited power is flowing along your spine from the sacrum region directly up to your cervical vertebra then into your crown.

- Feel your upper torso is actively extended toward the ceiling.
- Do not lean your upper torso to the sides, with strength well distributed to your leg muscles. Relax your leg muscles by feeling your knees, ankles and soles released one by one with the steady breathing.

This is the most basic seated asana which is of great benefits to your body. Thunderbolt enhances your attention to the subtle changes within your upper torso thus to bring about better blood circulation. The energy is transferred through your spine up into your brain. In this case you are more likely to focus attention and get into a meditative state.

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