What’s the Best Time of Day for You to Practice Daily Yoga?

There are aften many people liking to know when should he/she do Daily Yoga? What is the best time to do Daily Yoga?

691x299 Now we would like to tell you that it depends on your schedule, what is reasonable and what you want to experience. In the pre-dawn hours the benefits are mental spaciousness, and a greater ability to connect with the spirit. Mid-morning, the body has good stamina, though you may have to work through some stiffness. This is a good time for a powerful practice and backbends. The body is more flexible in the afternoon. Try poses that require suppleness like hip openers and seated poses. I also like inversions because they stimulate the brain for the rest of the day�s activities. The evening is the time that the body and brain start to slowly settle again. A yoga practice can help move out excess energy that is not allowing you to focus or relax for bedtime. If your practice is too late and too vigorous, it could over-stimulate you and not allow you to get settled for bed. Ask yourself what you would like to gain from your practice that day and go from there. You are free to change your mind at any time! Just keep to do it and make it become a part of your daily life.

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