What Benefits Can You Gain From Chair Yoga?

When my yoga partners talking about chair yoga, i really wasn’t interested, but after i saw their paractices, i was hooked and took a chair yoga teacher training course.

Yoga in chairs provides seniors of all health and fitness levels with an opportunity to give their heart the exercise it needs to be in good, strong shape. The heart still needs exercise, regardless of the health of the individual.

chair yoga

Stress vs. Relaxation

One of the most common contributing factors for heart disease is a high level of stress. Few people can make their way through life without encountering stress in one form or another, but individual responses to stress are diverse and varied. It’s never too late to learn a better and more appropriate way to handle negative emotions, and chair yoga is a gentle way for seniors to become more present, grounded and relaxed. This positive attitude promotes a lower blood pressure level, which is extremely beneficial for those with heart disease.

In addition, participating in a chair yoga class gives seniors a sense of control over the health and wellness of their heart. This easily leads to making better choices outside of the classroom, such as eating more fresh veggies and lowering intake of harmful fats and sugars. These seemingly simple lifestyle choices add up over time, leading to a higher quality of life overall.

How it Works

Yoga in a chair also increases the circulation in the arms, legs and feet, and this is excellent for the well being of the heart. The heart of a sedentary individual is typically overworked by trying to pump blood to these harder to reach extremities, and seniors typically fit into the sedentary category more than any other age group.

Practicing yoga in a chair is incredibly gentle, but the practice still yields all the positive benefits of a traditional hatha practice, including increased flexibility. Studies have shown that greater levels of muscular flexibility have been linked to higher levels of arterial health. When the muscles are elastic and stretchable, the major arteries tend to be the same way. This goes a long way toward keeping the heart in top shape.

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