The Coolest Aspects of Bikram Yoga

Some people jog miles and then back, others prefer to go to the gym and carry those crazily heavy equipment, or run the treadmill perhaps. Many are still hooked-up with the Tae-Bo culture of the late 90′s, while there are still a few who for the longest time continue to do the traditional aerobics (which my mom used to do by the way). For the past decades, different forms of exercises have been introduced to the public, and most I must say have been widely accepted well by the people, eventually embraced by the pop-culture. Perhaps, for something to become a trend, it has to be very cool. Among them is Bikram Yoga.

hot yoga It’s just another form of Yoga as what some people would say, but it seems to be getting much attention, and a public notice. Curious as I am, I did some research on Bikram Yoga, and I found out that this technique was actually already established early 1970′s. And as the reading research progressed, I realized that this workout regimen is actually indeed pretty cool! I wondered then why I’ve only just discovered this recently, when in fact this was made popular way before I was even born.

Though other exercise routines and innovations share the same health benefits, what makes this Yoga type exceptionally “cooler” that the others then?

Personally, I fancy the idea of having to workout in a hot environment, which is unique to Bikram Yoga. This means you get to easily perspire and palpably see your sweat literally dripping on the floor, like as if you see your toxins flushing out of your system like a river. But more importantly, the heat was for the purpose of aiding you to go deeper and safer into a particular Yoga Pose, or an Asana pose. In turn, it replenishes health to every muscle and joint, and stimulates increase of circulation to all organs in the body. If celebrities and athletes have subscribed to Bikram, and are loyal clienteles of the technique, then it really must be effective and real.

What’s cool as well with this method is that you get to flex your body into different poses you never believed you can do. Aside from exercising on a physically motivating atmosphere along with other sweating enthusiasts, the 26 Bikram Yoga set postures are relatively challenging as well, stretching in different forms and directions, yet still fun to perform. One might look really awkward at start, posing on difficult and funny positions, but that makes it all the more amusing since this is something more diverse compared to the other exercise disciplines.

Bikram Yoga might be very physically demanding, but seems worth the effort. After all, this discipline came from the same culture who introduced us Kama Sutra.

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