The Benefits of Yoga For Seniors

The senior population is growing as the baby boomers generation is ageing. So is their desire to lead active and healthy lives. Since we are living longer and longer it is becoming more important to stay fit to slow the ageing process and have more fulfilling senior years.

doing-yoga Most view the later years in life as “retirement years” and think that people should be relaxing and taking it easy. This is definitely something to look forward to, but seniors need to also think about keeping active. If you choose to sit and take it easy too much of the time it eventually causes muscle shortening, weakening and tightening. This leads to inflexibility, muscle loss and can also lead to osteoporosis. The less time we spend moving the more we increase our risk of a variety of ailments. Losing flexibility and muscle mass and spending less time standing increases their lack of balance and therefore results in more falls and injuries.

You can attribute many health problems to a sedentary lifestyle, including:

Back problems
Chronic pain
Reduced flexibility and mobility
Higher blood pressure
Poor circulation
Harder time breathing
Increased weight
Hard time sleeping
Decrease in vision
Increase in stress

Due to these health concerns it is recommended that seniors keep active to maintain a healthy and long life. In the last few years Yoga has been introduced to the elderly with great results.

Yoga helps reduce many of the health risks above and can be an easy and fun exercise for seniors. Yoga slows the ageing process by increasing flexibility, strength, balance and blood circulation while at the same time reducing stress. Many gyms, community centers and yoga studios are offering Seniors Yoga classes and they have become very popular with the older generation. Ideally you should do yoga in a class with a qualified teacher until you get more comfortable with the poses and are confident that you can do it on your own without causing injury. When you get to that point and want a more convenient way to include yoga you can start looking for yoga DVDs. You can even find some excellent yoga for seniors classes online. is an excellent resource for many free yoga classes.

No matter what age you are you can enjoy the amazing health benefits of yoga. You can find classes in your local community for many different levels and styles of yoga. I guarantee that once you include yoga in your life, you will find yourself feeling stronger, healthier and more relaxed.

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