The Benefits of Power Core Yoga

Power Core Yoga is becoming increasingly more popular in many countries. While traditional types of yoga are still on the rise power yoga is even more so with endorsements from the world of sports and celebrity often appearing in the media.

corepower-yoga-copy The reasons for people starting with this type of yoga are numerous and range from those wanting to lose weight, to people who want to get some relief or control over a part of the body that is causing problems for them, or those that are looking to take their fitness up to the next level and increase their sports performances.

All the poses and postures of power yoga are known to stimulate or exercise specific parts of the body, with the most obvious ones being the arms, legs and torso and some of the less obvious ones such as every internal organ in your body, or your brain, spine and even postures known to stimulate your pituitary gland.

The style of power core yoga also has a great focus on breathing techniques, which need to be mastered in order to carry out some of the more difficult positions. The perfect control of your breathe is absolutely necessary in order to balance your body and focus your mind on the poses.

Virtually every single muscle in your body is exercised with power yoga as well as the stimulation of the internal organs, the stretching of the tendons, and hamstrings, stimulation of the nervous system and the brain. The digestive system can be stimulated and improved as well as the blood circulation throughout your whole body also benefiting from the power yoga workout.

Some of the long list of health condition that are affected and improved include Asthma, back ache, infertility, menopause, sciatica, sinusitis, head ache and migraine, depression and mild stress and many more.

Body parts which are stimulated and improved include the pituitary gland, the brain, lungs, abdomen, kidneys, intestines, prostrate gland and thyroid gland. The blood circulation system benefits as does the nervous system and digestive system. Sense of balance and ability to focus are heightened and ones sense of wellbeing is improved immensely.

Anyone thinking of taking up Power yoga should be confident of their fitness levels before hand and if there are any doubts, it is best practice to consult a doctor. This is especially true for anyone with any existing health conditions. The last thing you want to do is aggravate anything and make it worse so if in doubt, get checked out.

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