The 6 Basic Yoga Poses For Runners

The basic yoga asanas—or poses—I’m going to share with you today is all you needed to know about reaping the maximum out of your yoga practice for better running. Of course, this list of poses does not even start to cover the whole catalog, but it will be enough to get you started on the right foot.


1. Low Lunge

Also known as “Anjaneyaasana” in Sanskrit, low lung is a superior yoga asana that opens up the hips, the lateral thighs (IT bands), hamstrings, quads and calves.

It’s also key for promoting a wider and better fluid range of motion in lower body, which can help you stave off plantar fasciitis, knee pain and ITBS.


2. Downward-facing Dog

Also known as (Adho Mukha Svanasana), this powerful yoga asana lengthens the back and stretches everything from arches up through the shoulders—especially the hamstrings and calves—keys muscles for running, so this is must pose.

Downward-Facing Dog also promotes a fluid range of motion and can help you ward plantar fasciitis and other running injuries.

Plus, it also builds upper body strength and mobility.


3. Squat

lso known as “Garland Pose” or “Malasana”, this asana stretches out the feet, calves, inner thighs and lower back—in other words everything that tightens up from running. It’s the ideal pose for opening up the hips and groin area. It also promotes mobility for all of your daily activities.

Just keep in mind that this pose can be a bit challenging—not everyone can get into deep squat with ease—so be careful.


4. Boat

Also known as “Paripurna”, this is a key Asana for strengthening your abdominal muscles, hip flexors and spine. Though it might feel like a traditional crunch, Paripurna strengthens and targets the core muscles at a much deeper level.

The boat pose also protects your lower back from injury, which is very common problem among runners by keeping your spine protected and in alignment.


5. Dance’s Pose

Also known as “Natarajasana”, this asana is my favorite move when it comes to opening up the shoulders—vital for improving and keeping proper posture when running. It also stretches the quadriceps—AKA your thighs muscles—keys muscles for optimal running.

Plus, the Dancer also improves balance and proprioception —awareness of your body in space—all vital keys for optimal pain-free running.


6. Upward-facing Dog

Aka “Urdhva Mukha Svanasana” this powerful asana strengthens the wrists, arms and spine, opens up the hips flexors and stretches the whole front of the body, and can help you breathe better on the run by opening up your chest and shoulders.

“Upward-Facing Dog” is also a key pose for a healthy back, especially if you are a regular runner or if you sit too much. Plus the move can also improve posture, by stretching and strengthening the anterior spine and the posterior spine.

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