Something about Chair Yoga

Do you know something about Chair Yoga? Ok, let’s share it with you. Chair Yoga is approved by the Arthritis Foundation to ease the aches and pains of arthritis sufferers, and is very beneficial for office workers who need a lunch-break stretch. For many people just starting off with yoga, “Chair Yoga” is an easy and gratifying way to get started.

chair-yoga Who is the creator of Chair Yoga?

Mary Cavanaugh, co-founder of YogaJP, is the creator of Chair Yoga – which really was an accident back in the 1970′s. Mary was asked by Saddleback School District Night School to teach at a retirement home. Not knowing anything about retirees, she showed up ready to teach a regular class and found that everyone was using walkers, wheel chairs, cains etc. After the initial surprise of the class dynamics, she used her quick and enterprising mind by moving the folding chairs from the outer edges of the room into a big circle and low and behold, Chair Yoga was born!

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