Siddha Yoga

Siddha Yoga is a style of yoga which focuses on discovering the Self, or inner consciousness, in all humans and in everything. Followers of Siddha Yoga aim to help every human realize and experience that all humans have a perfect and divine inner Self and that an end to human suffering and the attainment of supreme bliss can be achieved. It is important in Siddha Yoga that you honor, worship and meditate on your inner Self, realizing that God dwells within you, and that you see the inner Self and God in all others and in everything.

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Siddha Yoga is comprised of the following main elements:

  • Meditation. Siddha Yoga involves silent meditation which focuses the attention on a mantra, such as the mantra Om Namah Shivaya, or on the flow of breath.
  • Chanting. Siddha Yoga involves the practice of chanting Sanskrit mantras. These mantras can be either Nama Sankirtana, which are chants made up of short Sanskrit phrases, or swadhyaya, which are chants comprised of longer texts.
  • Seva. Seva is defined as selfless service and is practiced through volunteer work.
  • Dakshina. Dakshina refers to a donation of money or a gift made to the Guru as an expression of appreciation.
  • Satsang. Satsang refers to group meetings or programs comprised of devotees or other yoga practitioners and often includes talks, meditation and chanting.

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