Share Integral Yoga Relaxation Techniques

Do you know Integral Yoga ? Now we would like to share something about Integral yoga. It is a system of physical poses (asanas), breathing, meditation and mantra recitations and it is designed to integrate the whole being, relying upon raja yoga, bhakti yoga, jnana yoga and Hatha yoga.

Flow from asanas to meditation to mantra recitation. This flow itself is part of the relaxation experience gained from integral yoga practice. A hatha yoga asana is Downward Dog, which stretches the entire back of the body. Other openings are also created.


Integral yoga is done for the sake of the Divine primarily and ultimately. For the seeker of Integral Yoga, yoga is not the aim or goal of life it is the only way to live, the true way of life. Integral yoga is the only yoga to divinize matter. The spirit manifests a fuller existence for the world. Integral yoga is the art of harmonious and creative living on the basis of the integral experience of Being. It aims at opening the springs of creative inspiration hidden in the human psyche.

Integral Yoga is one of the most experienced and respected schools for yoga teacher training in the world. Since then it has greatly expanded the teacher training programs to include more advanced, therapeutic, and trainings geared toward specific populations and needs. Integral yoga is very popular, and there is even an Integral Yoga Institute in New York, yet some people are unsure what to expect when attending an Integral yoga class.

Daily Yoga is an example of Integral Yoga. It is a comprehensive yoga app providing dynamic yoga classes on mobile phones. Fully compatible with almost all Android Phones and Tablets, Daily Yoga aims to bring about the most outstanding yoga experience. You will feel like attending a real yoga class whenever you want.

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