Seniors Chair Yoga

Now, Seniors can enjoy all the benefits of Yoga without having to get up and down off of the floor or stress the joints. Anyone of any size, age, shape or fitness level can do Chair Yoga, either sitting for the whole class or in some classes standing and holding on, if necessary, while practicing balancing and strengthening yoga postures. Other benefits include learning how to relax, release the stress and breath properly.

Yoga may be recommended to us for all kinds of aliments including stress, high blood pressure, fibromyalgia, asthma, back, neck and shoulder issues and more. But as we age into our 60′s, 70′s and beyond, many (but not all) seniors are unable to join a Yoga class. We may have trouble getting up and down off of the floor easily; we may have special issues like hip or knee replacements, or we lack the endurance to be in a standard yoga class.

chair_yoga_slide However, now there is available a wonderful option…Chair Yoga. Either sitting for the entire class or standing for part of the class and using the chair as a prop for balance makes learning and practicing Yoga possible for everyone. And all the very same benefits will be derived from a class.

As a chair yoga teacher for many years, some of the comments I have heard include:

“I am 67.5 years old man and have a chronic endocrine condition. Two concerns are overweight and flexibility. Feeling I was too cumbersome for floor yoga, I decided to try chair yoga when it was offered through my church. Wow, what a surprise! Not only was it enjoyable and easy to do, but I left every class feeling great. I am hooked to chair yoga for life.”

“Normally in an exercise class I get vertigo from an inner ear problem, but I didn’t experience that are all in the hour class we did.”

“My knees prevent me from doing yoga poses on hands and knees, but Chair Yoga works and I feel so relaxed after class.”

It is best to find a qualified teacher who has had the training and the experience to guide you carefully and keep you safe as you move through the class. You will learn how to stretch and strengthen every muscle and joint in a gentle way, your stress will diminish, you will learn tools for healthful living including how to breathe properly and how to quiet the mind through meditation.

To find a class check your senior centers, but also many retirement, assisted living and community centers are now offering Chair Yoga to residents.

If you can’t find a class close to your home or work, then consider purchasing one or more Chair Yoga DVDs so that you can watch it and practice along with the teacher on your DVD player or on your computer. Some of these DVDs are segmented making it possible to practice one section at a time, focusing perhaps on the back stretches or on the relaxation techniques they provide, doing different sections throughout the week.

It is never too late and you are never to old to get moving and release the stress and stretch every joint and muscle, and with Chair Yoga. Now you can enjoy all the benefits of Yoga, but with a program designed for you.

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