Second Heart Yoga Review—A Small and Inviting Yoga Studio in The Heart of Central Phoenix

Wouldn’t you like experience the practice of yoga in a studio that intentionally keeps their class sizes small by design in order to allow the teachers to provide you with more one-on-one personal instruction?

yoga Do you want to go to a yoga class where the teachers are approachable, knowledgeable and committed to providing quality yoga for their students?

If you like the idea of practicing yoga in a beautiful, small, yet inviting yoga studio in the heart of central Phoenix then continue to read this Second Heart Yoga studio review.

Second Heart Yoga Review – A Small and Inviting Yoga Studio in The Heart of Central Phoenix

If the practice of yoga is a developing passion of yours then you will appreciate the variety of different yoga classes that are offered at Second Heart Yoga.

Here is a list of the type of classes that are offered at Second Heart Yoga:

Flow Classes – In these type of classes you can expect to move through traditional sun salutations as well as hatha yoga postures in a steady, rhythmic pace that over time leads to increase muscle strength, stamina and a greater ability at maintaining awareness of your breath.

Yin Classes – Poses are held anywhere from 3 to 8 minutes in order to allow a stretch to occur deep within the connective tissue. When this begins to happen it opens your energy channels (meridians)and begins to affect all of the chakras, koshas and other subtle body aspects.

Weekly Unwind and Restore – Today, more than ever we live in an increasingly complex society that tends to leave behind unwanted stress, tension, and stiffness. This yoga class actually helps clear all of that from your joints, muscles and at times even your mind. As this begins to happen it creates a beautiful space from which you can begin to enjoy your week even more and so much more.

Basic Yoga Class – Is primarily designed for beginners, yet is also for all levels of practitioners who are looking to deepen their knowledge of the fundamental aspects of breath synchronization, yogic postures and sequences.

Tantric Para Yoga Blend – This vinyasa practice is dedicated to the teachings of Para Yoga. You can expect to experience a variety of different dynamic movements with longer holds, in addition to advanced postures that are used while engaging the bandhas and incorporating mudras.

And now as you sit there having read about the types of classes offered at Second Heart Yoga, you might begin to wonder what other people have to say about this beautiful, small and inviting yoga studio in the Arcadia neighborhood of Phoenix.

Here is what people are saying about Second Heart Yoga:

A wonderful place to roll out your mat.
A solid yoga experience taught by qualified teachers in a safe environment.
Offers affordable, pay as you go yoga classes for all levels of students.
Very calm and inviting just walking in.
It has such an intimate and inviting atmosphere.

As this Second Heart Yoga review comes to end, I want you to understand, just understand that if you are interested in practicing yoga in a beautiful, small and inviting studio with yoga teachers that are Registered Yoga Alliance Teachers at either the 200 or 500 hour level.

Then now is the time to consider Second Heart Yoga in the Arcadia neighborhood of central Phoenix.

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