Seated Yoga Routine(Plugin)

Seated Yoga Routine (Plugin) was released to Google Play yesterday. Please Note: This application is a plugin session of the main application ‘Daily Yoga’ ( Please first get ‘Daily Yoga’ installed before using this plug-in.
This application is the property of Daily Yoga Inc., with all rights reserved.


This session is designed on a series of standard seated asanas including forward bends, backward bends and torso stretches. In this session high attention focus is much required to enjoy a comfortable stretching.

The training target of Seated Yoga Routine I is not only to help you manage the standard yoga asanas but also to enhance the flexibility of your joints and reduce fats in your waist and abs.

As forward bends and backward bends all provide active movements in the abs region, these postures can promote digestion and excretion of your body, which are essential in weight loss.

The organs in your abs area will benefit a lot from this session. Your kidney, adrenal gland and intestine will function much better after constantly practicing the asanas included. These organs count for both the absorption of nutrition and your self-adjustment to the surroundings. Your respiratory system will be boosted up by more conscious control of your breathing.

Notable Features
- Compatible with both Smartphones and Tablets.
- HD Videos for Landscape View and Full Screen Support!
- Language support of English and Mandarin.
- Dynamic yoga sessions of 20mins and 30mins.
- Detailed voice narration, background music and posture videos.
- Timer set and smooth flow between each posture.

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