Reaching Tranquility With Yoga

Perhaps someone recommended you begin a yoga routine. Perhaps this person was your doctor, best friend, chiropractor or something of that sort. Now you have heard a lot about yoga and it may seem like yoga can cure just about any aliment. Not only that the more you hear about yoga the more confused you become on understanding what yoga actually is.

Perhaps you should buy a book on yoga? Which book? DVD? CD? Kit? Should you get? Should you get a dummies book or should you go out and buy a book by long term guru who practices?

yoga This is an overview of what exactly Yoga is. This article may very well help you decide what pat to take when studying Yoga. Before you begin your journey please realize that there is no right or wrong path when it comes to studying yoga. However, it is encouraged that you are selective when you choose a yoga class, book or teacher.

The first thing to know is that there are nine main styles to practice yoga as well as several other styles and sub-styles. However, just for beginning purposes the nine main styles are listed here:


Each of these styles focuses on uniting the body, spirit and mind into one cohesive whole. Yoga quite literally means “unity,” or “union,” and if we cannot unify the mind, body and spirit in complete harmony then we can never achieve tranquility or relaxation. The main purpose of yoga is to take a holistic tranquil approach to life.

There are many written books about the subject of yoga and its birth place is India. Yoga’s origins date back thousands of years. Yoga is the main health maintenance system that was used thousands of years ago. Even Asian martial arts and Pilates are able to trace their roots all the way back to yoga.

The more difficult forms of yoga are known to be Jnana, Bhakti, Raja and Karma yoga. These four styles within themselves are a complex subject and cannot be summarized justly.

Yoga is something that seeks unity, that takes a holistic approach to life allowing you to experience tranquility fully. Hopefully this has been helpful to you in understanding yoga. The next step from here is to figure out if you are committed to take on a yoga type lifestyle and achieve tranquility.

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