Pilates Vs Yoga Whats the Difference

Two of the most practiced fitness workouts are Pilates and Yoga. These two exercise programs possess many similarities that many people use these terms interchangeably. The truth is, Pilates and yoga are different in many ways. However they are similar due to their goal of strengthening the muscles of the body and relieving of stress. Although both fitness workouts have a goal of establishing a better quality of health and wellness for the users, it is still important to learn about the difference between yoga and Pilates as their specific objectives vary in some ways.

yoga-vs-pilates Nature and Origin

In determining the Pilates yoga difference, one should dig deeper to the nature and origin of each of the two fitness workouts. Basically, Pilates uses an exercise-centered approach, whereas yoga is to be performed as a person’s lifestyle. Because of this, we can say that Pilates is more specific in scope, as it only includes exercise and several yoga-inspired poses. On the other hand, yoga focuses on assisting the person to a more ideal physical and mental well-being.

When it comes to their origins, yoga is a much more ancient type of fitness workout than Pilates, as it was derived from the Ancient Period of Northern India. In contrast, Pilates is a modern type of program than yoga, established just a few years ago by Joseph Pilates, a German athlete.

Focus and Objectives

Both Pilates and yoga aim to help a person find the right path to his optimum health and wellness. Although they share this same goal, the difference between yoga and Pilates is drawn in their specific objectives. Pilates primarily intend to correct or maintain proper posture through appropriate elongation of the spine and improvement of one’s core strength. However, yoga focuses on the union of body, mind and spirit. This involves the relief of stress and pain through specific yoga poses.

Proper breathing and meditation is aimed both by Pilates and yoga, but yoga focuses on the breath process deeper than Pilates does. In particular, yoga utilizes the nose in both inhalation and exhalation, whereas Pilates uses the nose for inhalation, and the mouth for exhalation.


As we all know, yoga is divided into different styles and versions which require the person to learn and perform the various yoga poses on a specific yoga mat. Pilates work on the same way, in the absence of the props that are utilized in yoga. Aside from the Pilates mat and other important inclusions during the procedure, this fitness workout does not make use of blankets, straps and blocks that are used in a typical yoga class.

The Pilates vs Yoga Battle

Finding out the better fitness workout in the Pilates vs Yoga battle is actually an independent decision. It depends on the user’s preference on which of these two exercise programs is suitable for his body frame and other factors.

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