On the Fast-track to Reinvention

This is the Cindee Joslin’s self-introduction.

I am a former model, skin care specialist, caregiver and most recently, marketing director for senior facitlities. I am 47 years old and am currently pursuing my dream.

I moved to Northwest Arkansas 5 years ago to be with my father who is now 92. I lived with him for 3 years and we had the best time of our lives together. I then married 2 years ago and my sister in now lives with my Dad. While I was with my Dad, I worked as a Marketing Director for 3 Senior-Care companies. I was fired from 2 of them. Not easy to swallow at age 47, with no college education. Didn’t look too good on my resume, you know. Fired from one because of insubordiantion, the other because the investors ran out of money. Though I dearly loved the elderly, I knew that I had not yet followed my dream.
It all started 3 months ago when I started taking a Yoga class. I knew about one week into it, that I had “come home”, found myself and my spiritually reconnected all at the same time. I had such an extreme awakening that I wanted to share it with others and decided right there and then that I wanted to become an instructor. Within 30 days, I signed up for an intensive teacher training in New York, increased my practice to 6 days per week and now am already teaching 3 times per week and am about to add 3 more classes.
It all happened so fast, but as I look back, I can clearly see that I manifested the whole thing. Even before I was let go from my last job, I began dreaming about a studio, a name, a location, my students. I saw myself being a teacher. It came with great ease and I am only just beginning.
I cannot tell you how extremely happy that I am. No one can ever say, you are too old, not educated enough,don’t have enough money, etc, etc, etc. I am following my heart, using my God-given gifts and helping others to do the same. Life is Good and the Possibilities are endless!!!

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