Office Yoga – Simple Stretch At Your Desk

If your job requires that you sit at a desk all day in the same position, you probably already know that this can cause tension and stiffness in the body.

Make it a point to take a break every few hours to stretch. You don’t have to roll out your yoga mat and strap on your stretchy pants or anything. Just

a few simple stretches using your chair as a prop could do wonders for relieving those aches and pains as well as doing some serious good for your blood

pressure and digestive system. Here’s a few examples of stretches you can do in the office without ever leaving your desk.


Upward Plank Pose – Rest hands at the back of the chair while sitting your hips on the edge of the seat. Stretch your feet out long in front of you and lift

your hips to the sky. Try to keep you neck long and shoulders away from your ears to avoid straining the neck muscles. This pose helps to stretch the chest,

shoulders abdominal muscles and intestines, allowing fresh blood to flow to these areas waking up the body.


Forward Fold – Sitting on the edge of the chair, separate your knees and feet to about hips width distance. Sit up tall to lengthen the spine and fold forward

at the hips, resting the torso onto the thighs. Relax the arms down and take a few long deep breaths. Come back up slowly to avoid getting dizzy. This posture

is great  for stretching the whole back, neck and hips as well as relieving stress and calming the mind.



Downward Facing Dog – Standing facing your chair, place the hands on the back rest, step the feet slightly away from the chair and fold forward at the hips.

Adjust your body as necessary to lengthen the spine. You can bend the knees as much as you need to be comfortable but you should be getting a stretch

through the backs of the legs, hips, the whole back, shoulders and arms. Very calming for the nervous system.


Upward Facing Dog – Facing your chair, rest your hands at the back of the seat. Walk your feet backwards until your legs are in one long line with your spine.

Lower your hips towards the chair keeping your arms straight. Lift your chest and relax your shoulders away from your neck. Relieves agitation and stress and

stretches the front side of the body.



Seated Spinal Twist – Sitting on the edge of your chair, lengthen your spine and reach your left hand to the outside of your right knee. At the same time reach

the right hand to the back of the chair. Breathe in to lengthen up and twist around to the right on the exhale. Hold for a few breaths, unwind slowly and practice

on the other side. This pose is great for all of the internal organs, helps improve digestive health, the health of the spine and stretches the muscles behind your eyes.

Try closing the eyes for an even more relaxing stretch.

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