Menstruation and Yoga

There is much debate with menstruation and performing yoga. Depending upon who you talk with some say it is okay while others say do not do it. There will still be others that say it is okay to do inversions and restorative asanas while someone else will tell you it is not a good idea to do either.

doing yoga Menstruation is handled differently by all women. Some experience no changes during this time and it is just like another day of the week. While others have extreme cramps, massive mood swings, so tired they are fighting sleep all day, bloating of the stomach, and so on. Depending upon how bad the symptoms are the woman might just spend a few days in her bed. Since all women handle menstruation differently some simple guidelines should be followed before doing yoga. During this time of month a woman knows what her body can handle. Listen to the body and it will be your guide.

There are a million emotions that are experienced at this time of month. Just the thought of bending over might trigger the emotions to be even worse.

A woman experiences much more sensitivity during menstruation. Yoga can help to relieve the pain that is being felt, smooth out the emotions, and help calm the mood swings. It will help her find tranquility and peace within herself.

Avoid particular asanas

When on the menstruation cycle stay clear of inversions. It will overstretch the broad ligaments while causing more bleeding along with vascular congestion. It could even cause some reproductive problems.

When there is pain in the pelvic area the last thing a person wants is to add more pain from stressing the area. This is why a woman should skip over doing any backbends, types of arm balances, and body twists. There will be a lot of energy that is required for doing these exercises properly, so it is best to wait until all the strength is back in the body.

However, yoga can have great benefits during menstruation if performed for the purpose of meditation and relaxation of body. There is no reason for pushing and straining instead, performs the poses that are gentle and just hold them a tad longer. Breathing and relaxing poses are the best for this time and can generally be practiced by almost any menstruating woman. Inner strength comes from being grounded with practicing the proper positions.

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