Man, I LOVE Bikram Yoga

You hear a lot of Yoga practitioners announce that they love Bikram yoga. You have met and exchanged stories with them for so long and at the end of the day, you wonder how Bikram yoga can help you. Begin by analyzing your special needs before you venture into an activity which eventually will become your new way of life.

bikram yogaA sickly and over apprehensive individual usually visualizes a negative world upon waking up in the morning and before going to bed. This attitude affects the eating habits and overall decisions in dealing with pressures and incapacity to handle situations prompting immediate actions.

If you believe and you have seen all benefits of Bikram yoga then don’t just believe – Do it! Have the determination to succeed and overcome the pressures brought about by the illnesses arising from negative environment and bad eating habits. It is never too late to start, embrace Bikram yoga and witness the rebirth of a new YOU!

The Bikram yoga series starts with a breathing warm up, followed by energetic standing series progressing into spine-stretching floor sequence and finally ends with more energizing and cleansing breathing. The breathing styles are integrated with the poses to ensure maximum benefits. These are shown by the instructors for immediate application by the students.

A Bikram yoga chamber or studio which is fully mirrored allows practitioners to practice correct alignments. The certified instructors encourage students to surrender to the series of poses in a relaxed manner rather than forcibly imitating the alignments. The scientific nature of the sequence done in a heated studio, plus a regular practice, ensures depth will come.

If you begin to feel more patient and calmer, the mind-body connection practiced in each session has effectively given you more emotional stability. Receiving instructions on a regular basis, in an easy manner has made every part of the body fully cooperative with the mind. During meditations, the mind interacts with the body enabling each part to move instantly with more grace and fluidity.

Bikram’s beginning yoga class is a twenty six asana series designed and revised to warm and stretch muscles, tendons and ligaments. These posture exercises systematically move oxygenated blood to your body thus restoring the healthy working condition of the circulatory as well as the respiratory and nervous systems. You begin to feel more energetic, with toned muscles, desirable weight and a sense of well being. The profound healing power of Bikram yoga benefits not only the body but also the mind. With a healthy body comes a happy, content and anxiety-free individual.

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