List of Abdominal Exercises After C-Section


Lie straight on the floor. Bend your legs with knees pointing upwards and feet flat on the floor. Place your palms under each ear with the elbows pointing in their respective sides. Calm yourself in this position. Now, inhale to your maximum capacity. Exhale slowly by lifting your head off the floor. Inhale as you come back to your original posture. Take a moment’s rest, and then perform this exercise again. A count of 8-10 in the initial days is sufficient. But try to increase the repetition to 25-30 gradually. After a couple of weeks of childbirth, if feel stronger, try to make this exercise a bit challenging by lifting your shoulders along with the head while exhaling. Make sure that you feel comfortable preforming this ab exercise after C-section.

Exercise 2

Lie on your back on the floor. Bring your legs in a position such that your thighs are perpendicular to the floor while your lower legs are parallel to the floor. Bring your hands behind each ear, with the elbows pointing towards their sides. Take a deep breath, and then exhale. While exhaling try to lift the bottom part of your body off the floor and bring your pelvis towards your chest. Come back to your original position slowly, wait for a couple of seconds, and then repeat the exercise. A count of 8-12 is sufficient to start with. Try to increase the number of repetitions to 3 sets of 12.Safe-Exercises-After-A-C-Section

Exercise 3

Lie straight on your back on the floor. Bring your hands behind your head. Lift the upper part of your and touch the right knee with the left elbow. Try not to move your legs during the entire process. Come back to the original posture, wait a second, and then again lift the upper part of your body. But this time, touch the left knee with your right elbow. Starting with a rep of 20 is sufficient, but gradually increase the count to 25. This particular abdominal exercise after C-section will help you in shedding the fat hanging from the sides of your abdomen.

Exercise 4

Like all the above suggested abdominal exercises,  come into the starting position by lying straight on the floor. Take a pillow and place it on your abdomen. Bend your legs with the knees pointing upwards and feet flat on the floor. Take a deep breath and contract your abdomen simultaneously. While in this posture, try to lift the pillow as much as you can. Now, exhale slowly. Come back to your starting position, take a rest of 2-3 seconds, and then perform this exercise once again. Do it for a count of 10 on the first day. Increase the count by 1 everyday, till you reach 30. Make sure that you are comfortable performing it, and are not developing any complication due to it.

Though the exercises suggested above are considered to be safe after childbirth, yet it is important for you to monitor your condition well. In case you notice any complication, stop exercising and consult your doctor. Remember, the health and well-being of your baby depends entirely on your over-all wellness. Take care of yourself to give a wonderful life to your child.

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