Learn to Do Splits A 30 Day Yoga Schedule

Yoga can improve flexibility, strength and blood circulation. Improved flexibility can help people learn to do splits. In 30 days, a daily stretch routine will increase flexibility and allow any Yoga practitioner to do splits with ease. Review the 30 day plan to performing splits.

Learn the Essential Element of Each Routine

Daily Stretches

Daily stretches should be performed for 10 to 15 minutes per day to stretch the back, hips and hamstrings. Opening this area will help you to perform splits easier. To learn the terminology, a guide is provided to learn more about the exercises that will be included in the 30-day regimen.

Downward Facing Dog – Downward facing dog is often performed before the monkey pose or the split. With the downward facing dog, stand firmly with both feet planted on the ground. Bend over with the hips and buttocks remaining in the air. Place both hands firmly on the mat. Angle the head so that it naturally falls in line with the rest of the body.

Ana Forrest Lake Arrowhead, Ca 2002If you are performing the move properly, you should have a view of your knees and feet. This move can be reached from a standing position or a position where the Yogi is lying flat on the mat facing the floor. Lunges and the monkey pose are often incorporated with downward facing dog to improve flexibility.

Warrior 1 – Begin this pose from the Downward Facing Dog Position. Then, step your right foot forward between your hands. The Yogi’s body will be in a lunging position. Turn the left heel inward, shift your weight into the balls of the feet and lift the torso upward. The hips will be aligned in a parallel position with the front of the mat.

Square the hips with the mat. When the hips are square, lift the arms up and press the palms together. With the shoulder blades pressed downward toward the hips, look upward to the hands. Hold the position for five breaths and resume the Downward Facing Dog position. Then, switch legs and perform the move on the other side.

Lunges – Stand with the feet firmly planted on the floor. Place the right foot forward into a lunge position. Drop the body as low as possible and hold the stretch for 10 breaths. This will also increase flexibility and make splits easier.

Monkey Pose – From the Downward Facing Dog, step the right foot forward as if going into the Warrior 1. Leave the hands planted firmly on the floor. Then, lower the left knee into the mat. Point the toes. Straighten the front leg while shifting the hips back. After flexing the foot, slide the right heel away from you.

Lower the hips as far as possible. Try to keep the right leg straight. Go as far as you can go without bending the knee. Once the knee is bent, the stretch will be compromised. Hold the pose for at least five breaths. If you manage to get your hips all the way to the floor, lift the arms straight above you and gaze at your palms. After five breaths, place your hands on the floor and slide the right heel into the body. Resume the Downward Facing Dog position. Repeat the pose with the opposing leg.

Sun Salutation – To perform this position, lower the body to the floor. Place the palms flat on the mat on each side of the body. During the motion, breathe out and move deeper into the position. Take a deep breath. Then, rest all weight of the body on the tips of the fingers. The back should be flat during this motion. Take another deep breath.

Position the body into a forward bending position. Place the palms flat on the floor. Take another deep breath. Extend the right foot to the back of the mat. This will position the body in a low lunge. Breathe out slowly and resume the “Downward Facing Dog” position. Take a deep breath. Resume the “plank” position.

Thirty-Day Regimen

Your weekly schedule for one month should consist of the following:

Day 1. Sauna or Hot Tub, Daily Stretches and Three Sun Salutations
Day 2. Sauna or Hot Tub, Daily Stretches and Three Sun Salutations
Day 3. Daily Stretches
Day 4. Sauna or Hot Tub, Daily Stretches and Three Sun Salutations
Day 5. Daily Stretches
Day 6. Sauna or Hot Tub, Daily Stretches, Three Sun Salutations and Sitting Stretches such as Butterfly Stretch or Sitting Lounge Position
Day 7. Daily Stretches

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