How Yoga Can Improve Your Tennis Play

Have you ever watched a cat when it is getting ready to attack something? It is able to move swiftly close to the ground while not extending their muscles all the way out as it grabs the prey. When playing tennis this is the same type of movement that is required in order to return the ball back to the opponent. If you are not properly stretching out the muscles then eventually they are going to lose the elasticity in them. Yoga is able to keep the elasticity in the muscles stretched properly while still letting you dash from one end of the court to the other.

yoga When playing tennis you are causing the muscles to be tense while waiting for the next move. Yoga will teach your muscles how to let the tension go so you can play an even better game.

Think about when you are on the field and your knees are slightly bent you are like the cat and ready to pounce. Only difference is every muscle is tense and one wrong move and there is an injury. Take the time and train your muscles so they always start in a position that is relaxed.

Yoga has breathing exercises that concentrate on your stamina and endurance. It is a habit for people to hold their breath for a few seconds in hopes that it will give them more strength. In the long run it is just wearing you out quicker then if your body knew how to breathe properly for creating the strength that is needed to make it through the complete match.

Yoga is all about the proper way of breathing while holding the various poses. When you are getting ready to assume a pose this is when you want to exhale. When doing properly you will actually feel the full length of the muscle stretching out. When doing the exercises it is not about holding your breath, it is mandatory that you breathe just like normal. You can hold a pose for as little as 30 seconds before gradually assuming the starting position. Over time you will actually find yourself breathing just like you do when exercising.

If you need more flexibility in your hips, back, and shoulders then try a spine twist. Remember to practice the proper breathing.

For the spine twist you are going to need to sit on the floor flat on your bottom. Now while relaxing your legs, stretch them directly in front of your body. Take your time and while keeping your spine straight bend your left leg and slowly move it across your right knee and on the other side. Balance your body by putting the left hand flat on the floor behind you. Now try and take your right hand and slowly place it on your left hip.

There is another part to the pose so while holding all the positions you have so far start exhaling and slowly turn your head and upper body to your left. The objective is to look over your left shoulder. Try and hold the pose for about 30 seconds then slowly come back to the start position. If you have problems doing the pose do not get discouraged just keep practicing and you will get it with practice.

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