How To Use Yoga Music

“Music seduces our heart to awaken, to feel more deeply, boldly, and colorfully the preciousness of being human.” Sean Johnson

When we are in tune with the music that is being played in class, we can easily be in tune with our practice.  Music helps us to feel certain ways and we really play on this factor during yoga classes.

yoga poses


During active movements we want to keep you motivated with an energetic song like “MC Yogi’s “Be the Change.”

To keep you focused when you’re holding a pose for 3 minutes or longer, we play an upbeat and positive song such as Matisyahu’s “I will be light.”  Plus, you can’t forget about savasana.

To melt into the floor and create an atmosphere of deep relaxation and healing, a yoga teacher might play Mirabai Ceiba’s “Ra Ma Da Sa.”

The point is, music evokes different emotions and as yoga instructors we must be in tune with each moment of the practice so that we can create that atmosphere using various artists.

Enjoy the music and happy hunting everyone!

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