How to Treat Insomnia with Yoga?

Always there are some people suffering from Insomnia. What is Insomnia? It refers to a person’s inability to get sufficient amount or quality of sleep.  It is a condition that each one of us has experienced at some point in our lives. Some of the most common causes of insomnia include stress, worry and grief.

pose 2 When we come face to face with real situations that can pull us down, we cannot help feeling stressed out and anxious.  Some of these factors include the loss of a loved one, divorce or loss of a job.  The experience could be too much of a burden that we can’t let it out of our minds no matter how we try to reassure ourselves that time can heal us somehow.  This can lead to sleeplessness.

If this happens, we need to make important steps to help ourselves to find rest and sleep.  This will help to restore our energy and mental clarity so that we can look at our situation from a better perspective. 

This article intends to give you some tips to treat insomnia with yoga.  It can help to keep you from falling apart especially during stressful days.  But remember, yoga can only help to treat insomnia; it can’t heal your grief.

Engaging in gentle yoga postures before bedtime is a good way to relax your body and mind and to reduce the stress that’s stealing your sleep away. Find a good yoga teacher who can teach you controlled breathing, relaxation techniques, and meditation. It can work effectively to relax you before bedtime. It can even make you fall asleep in the process.

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