How To Survive A Hot Yoga Class

Hot yoga is not an easy task, but absolutely great in preventing arthritis, back problems, muscle dystrophy and so on. It helps to relieve everyday stress and eliminate deadly toxins from the body.

images One of the most important things is to make sure that you drink plenty of water to hydrate your body well. It is recommended to drink fluids throughout the day, not just before the class. Try not to eat anything heavy at least two hours before the class. The food can make you feel nauseous during exercises. Arrive to studio 10-15 minutes earlier and try to take the spot by the door. Most yoga instructors would open the door few times during the class and let some cool air in. That helps. Also, if you come earlier you can let your body adjust to the high temperature before the class. People sweat a lot during the hot yoga classes. Sweat is a cooling mechanism of the body. It is important not to wipe the sweat off. First of all, it will make you sweat even more and secondary, any extra moves will destruct you and people around you. Position your mat the way that you can see yourself in the mirror. This way you can see if the body alignment is correct for the posture and also making eye contact with yourself in the mirror helps to maintain the balance during the standing posture series. Give yourself a smile.

It will cheer you up and destruct from the thought of giving up. Drinking water is not recommended during the class, because it is cooling the body from inside. Concentrate on your breathing all the time. Do not hold the breath. Take deep and slow breaths, rather than frequent and shallow. It will save you a lot of energy and oxygenate the body. You must inhale and exhale through your nose all the time. When you breathe with the mouth, you get dehydrated. It is absolutely normal when you feel dizzy or even a little nauseous during the class. Slow down your pace, concentrate on the breathing and try not to sit down. Getting up may make you feel even worse. If this is your first month of hot yoga and you are not able to do all the postures, but able to stay in the 105 degree room for one and a half hour, you are doing great. Keep on trying, follow my tips and you will survive and eventually enjoy the hot yoga classes.

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