How To Choose The Yoga Retreat For You

If you are considering taking a break and going on a yoga retreat, then listen up. With a little bit of homework before you make your selection will make all the difference to turn your trip into a profound and satisfying life experience. With so many retreats on offer right across the planet, you could find your first search a little overwhelming. With the help of this checklist, you should find it easier to pick one that is perfect for you.

yoga retreats Style. As you are no doubt aware, there are many different forms of yoga. With each ones comes a differing style of instruction. Consider your preferences and be sure that the retreat that you choose offers your preferred style and sessions that are suited to your ability.

Purpose. Retreats differ in their goals and you need to select one that is in keeping with what you want from the trip. Your aspirations (both long term and shorter term) should match those of the retreat and it’s leaders.

Facilities. Every retreat venue offers different facilities. A resort style retreat could provide opportunities for a variety of spa sessions. Alternatively there are venues that are more down to earth and spiritual – with these you are likely to find a lower price.

Reviews. The experience of others is well worth reading. Do a Google search, check review sites and listen to word-of-mouth reviews from those who have attended retreats. Visit forums and blogs to connect with attendees of retreats.

Travel. Planning your travel is an important part of the trip. With some establishments being located in remote areas, you’ll need to be sure that all your connections are in line. Check whether you need a taxi to collect you at the airport. You should be aware of whether any inclement weather could affect your journey and also look into what your insurance covers.

Be budget conscious. All costs should be considered for your budget. This means the retreat itself, travel to the retreat, meals and any extras. You may need to pay for extra classes or you may opt to sign up for a massage or other experience.

Level of experience. Many retreats can cater for a variety of experience levels. If you are a beginner, then select a beginner’s retreat. You’ll also need to consider the amount of time each day that yoga is practised. This can range from 2-3 hours up to 8 hours a day. If you are a beginner then 8 hours would most likely be too much.

Ask to see a schedule before committing to the retreat. How’s the climate? If you want to escape the winter blues and enjoy some summer sun – then look to the tropics. You might be looking for more than just yoga- you could find mountains to hike, swimming in the ocean and other non-yoga activities.

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