How the Matsyasana Yoga Pose Helps Your Health

Every single asana in yoga takes its name and its inspiration from something in nature. The Matsyasana pose happens to resemble a fish. This pose is the pose that is a counter to the plough, and thus it follows in yoga. Its name is derived from the fact that if you’re in this position well in a body of water you should float very easily.

matsyasana-a-beautiful-heart-opener1 This asana is wonderful for improving your respiratory system. In this position your chest is opened as well as your bronchial tubes promoting much better breath. As you do this asana over time your rib cage should expand which will increase the depth of your breath.

As you lift your chest and position your arms underneath your body you will help your posture by improving defects like round shoulders. It should help improve your lower spine which will in turn ease any pressure on specific nerves. Do your best to hold this pose for at least half of the time that you spend in the shoulder stand. This should balance any stretching done to your spine or muscles.

There are a number of variations on this pose. Knees bent and Fish in Lotus are the most popular variations.

When first attempting this pose perform it on a blanket. This will help you avoid any unnecessary damage to your back. You want to hold this asana for approximately 15 to 30 seconds to experience the complete benefit that it provides. Be careful when stretching as this is an asana that bends both the spine and the neck backwards.

This advanced stretching is beneficial to your thyroid glands. It is also beneficial to your kidneys, intestines, your nervous system, and also your pelvic organs. This asana is often recommended for people who experience asthma.

Some of the hidden benefits are improved posture, less fatigue and a reduction in headaches. Awesome, right?

As you see, this one pose has a fantastic number of beneficial improvements to a yoga practitioner’s overall health. Make sure that you practice with a qualified yoga instructor to ensure you are correctly performing this asana.

Yoga has so many physical benefits that one article isn’t going to cover everything. Do your research before choosing what style of yoga best suits you and your lifestyle. Taking the time to do this research on the various styles of yoga available will save you time. Here is to a new and healthier you.

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  1. Thanks for sharing such a very beneficial thing for everyone. Yoga helps to improve your body parts & mind. By this we can easily get a fit & flexible body for lifetime but it is mandatory that person will have to take time to do this every day.

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