How Learning Yoga Completely Changed My Life Forever

Before I ever started performing yoga poses, I’ve been sleepless for months that I thought were the effect of sleeping at daytime. No matter how hard I tried and even with my eye masks on, I still couldn’t find my way to a sound sleep. That was devastating! I thought I couldn’t ever let go of it until I tried these yoga poses that led me to a relaxing sleep.

yoga Top Three Bedtime Yoga Poses and Steps How to Do Each of Them

Downward Facing Dog. On my knees and hands, I just have to get on my mat while keeping my knees aligned under my hands and hips on top of my shoulders. Then, I have to spread my palms flat and my toes toward my face, and I exhale and raise my pelvis away from the ground. I lift my sitting bones above while pressing through my heels. I keep my head between my arms while holding them freely. I will just have to keep this for a minute while taking two deep breaths.
Baby Pose. It is one of my favorite yoga poses that all I have to do is to sit on my knees while holding my feet together with my bottom on my heels. Then, I open my knees as wide as my hips. Next, I take a deep breath and I lower my chest to my knees, and then I swing my arms forward. Finally, I just have to breathe slowly and deeply for one minute, and that’s it!
Seated Forward Bend. While sitting on the yoga mat with my legs widely extended, I press through my heels reach forward to keep my arms pressing my thighs down. I pull my hips away from my heels. Then, I gently reach my toes through my fingers as I extend my spine away from my hips. To conclude the pose, I need to inhale while lengthening my torso, and in every exhalation, I go deeper with my bend. I keep this position for two or three minutes.

Yoga Benefits: How Yoga Battled Out My Insomnia

There are a lot of yoga benefits that I have had since I started with it a few months ago. After a few weeks, I have noticed that going to sleep and getting a sound one isn’t hard anymore. With yoga benefits I get, I can say that yoga has changed my life totally. Now, I feel confident that no matter what shift I may be in at work, I can get to sleep faster and better. Bedtime yoga gives me a calmer and worry-free mind. Try it today and let go of insomnia. Do it and get yoga benefits to a sound sleep!

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