How does Yoga stimulate the vagus nerve?

detox-yoga• Asana (Poses)

We know that Yoga postures activate the parasympathetic nervous system by massaging the organs, improving circulation, relaxing muscles, and quieting the mind. They not only serve as moving meditations, but they also prepare the body for meditation during Corpse Pose.

• Pranayama (Controlled Yogic Breathing)

When we breathe deeply and slowly, we stimulate the vagus nerve. Although breathing is a part of poses and meditation, it is also a limb of Yoga in itself. Techniques range from simple to complex, but most are easily learned.

• Mantra (Chanting)

The vagus nerve controls physical functions in the throat, larynx, and ears – the area known as the throat chakra. (The vagus nerve may also be responsible for the proverbial “lump in the throat.”) Chanting or listening to chants energizes nerves in the throat area and releases blocked energy.

Imagine a pill proven to release neurotransmitters, promote feelings of good will, release tension, and improve health. We would be standing in line to buy it. Why not try Yoga instead?

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