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As the many benefits of Yoga are brought to light, it is becoming an increasingly sought after form of therapeutic exercise. Though it was once practiced only in India, it is now being introduced and embraced by millions of people all over the globe.

This unique form of exercise has been around for thousands of years, and to its credit, modern practitioners maintain the sessions will bring students to a better life. Yoga focuses on stretching one’s body, mind and spirit to its fullest potential. This is done by putting the body through a series of stretching exercises, while concentrating on breathing and concentration of thought.

yogaIt’s not a high impact exercise, which makes it possible for anyone of any age to enjoy its benefits. And, it works! Those who practice Yoga for any length of time, become lifelong advocates of the art.

Up until recently, the only way to learn Yoga was to study with an instructor at a Yoga School. While this is fine for those who live near a large city where schools are available, not everyone had access to instruction.

It’s no wonder then, that Free Online Yoga is getting so much attention. This exciting breakthrough makes Yoga available to everyone, all over the world, and now, the opportunity to learn and practice Yoga is really catching on. Here are just a few of the reasons why:


The only requirement is a computer with internet


Beginners will find simples poses and stretches with easy to follow videos and illustrations

Intermediates will find poses that stretch their capabilities – taking them to a higher level of practice and deeper level of learning

Advanced students won’t be disappointed – the quality of instructors and the variety of sessions to choose from will keep even the most expert Yoga practitioner satisfied


This is an ideal opportunity for people to enjoy learning Yoga in comfort of their own home without concern about keeping up with other students in a classroom


No need to worry about fitting a class into a busy schedule – free online Yoga allows the student to practice at their own convenience


Online instructors are of the highest caliber – many are well known throughout the world, and all have been practicing and teaching Yoga for many years.


Thanks to the variety of material available on each site, the individual can pick and choose a program that’s right for them

The student can choose from many different poses and create their own routine, including style, length and level

There are lots of follow-along video sessions available in various time lengths that everyone can enjoy

Remember, it’s important to learn from someone who is a qualified teacher. It is wise to be cautious when choosing your online site. You want to be sure the person who is giving you instruction is, in fact, a seasoned practitioner. And, as with all exercise programs, it is important to consider your health and age when determining what site you choose to learn Yoga.

A good Yoga site will ask you to fill out information, including your age. It is important to answer these questions fully, and practice those poses and positions that will blend with your current state of health. So, get ready to live the exciting lifestyle afford by practicing Yoga. You’ll be so glad you did.

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