Fitness by Yoga

‘Yoga’ is the the Sanskrit word for merger or union. It is the merger of the mind, body and the inner soul. In yoga, different postures and breathing techniques are used for inducing relaxation and improving fitness and strength. There are innumerable health benefits of yoga.

Yoga can be used for relaxation, meditation, breathing exercises, stretching exercises etc. While practicing yoga exercises we may not realize the various health benefits of yoga.

yoga-and-fitness Ancient texts and literature acknowledge yoga as a method of health preservation and treatment of various diseases. Various Asanas, Pranayamas, Bandha, Mudra are parts of yoga. Asana and Pranayama clean and massage the internal organs and remove the harmful toxins accumulated inside the body. The blood circulation and lung capacity is improved and various diseases are eradicated.

Yoga Benefits to your Muscles, Bones and Joints:

Yoga keeps the body strong. Various asanas make the legs, hands, lower back, shoulders etc stronger and healthy.

Various yoga asanas improve the flexibility of the body. Stiffness and pain in the muscles can be eliminated by practicing it regularly.

Hatha yoga is beneficial for chronic back pain and neck pain.

Yoga improves the bone density.

The more athletic forms such as Ashtanga, Power and Bikram yoga etc improve the endurance of the body.

Yoga Benefits for Mind:

It reduces stress and anxiety. It relaxes the mind.

It is beneficial in treating many mental and emotional disorders such as depression.

Yoga and meditation give an extraordinary sense of inner piece and calmness which has various health benefits.

Yoga Benefits in Daily Life:

It fights fatigue and keeps you energetic throughout the day.

It helps in curing insomnia as practicing It regularly leads to deeper and better sleep.

It helps in losing weight. Power yoga burns calories and helps in weight loss.

Asanas keep blood flowing evenly throughout the body. Hatha yoga lowers heart rate and blood pressure.

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