Finding your Purpose as a Leader: Karma Yoga for our Times

We are excited to have Suzanne Sterling speak at The Business of Yoga Conference to help kick off the new collaboration between Yoga Alliance and Off the Mat, Into the World (OTM). As a part of our Local Community Initiative, OTM will provide extensive tools, training and support for Yoga Alliance members who want to create community groups of yoga teachers, school directors and studio owners.


As a yoga teacher, you step into a leadership role every time you lead a n asana class.  Are you ready to make a difference in your life and the lives of others? What stands in the way of turning your vision into action?  This session will explore what it means to embody all that we value and stand for, and will reinforce the belief that the change we want to see around us, begins within us. We will investigate our gifts, motivations and challenges to turn vision into action,  to inspire change and give back to the world, financially and otherwise.  Participants will be guided through an experiential process to discover their purpose in the world and their unique voices as facilitators of change.

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