Equipment For Yoga

If you are thinking about taking up yoga or even just experimenting to see what it’s all about there are certain pieces of equipment with which you will need to become familiar. There is no immediate requirement to run out and purchase these “tools of the trade” but you should know something about them. You’ll probably experience yoga for the first time in a studio that can provide what you need while there. If you’ll be practicing yoga in the privacy of your own home once you have taken a few lessons, you’ll need to purchase your own equipment for yoga.

yoga-balls Yoga is a mental discipline that also encompasses the physical and spiritual realm. It originated long ago in india. Its goal is to achieve a state of ideal spiritual insight and peace while meditating. Obviously these concepts do not absolutely require special equipment for yoga but the process can be more comfortable and effective with some basic equipment.

A Mat

Probably the most basic piece of equipment for yoga is the mat. You really don’t need a lot to start with yoga but a mat is truly recommended. Many yoga studios have hardwood floors and without a mat you’ll find yourself slipping and sliding around. That sort of thing will detract from your enjoyment and put a real crimp in your meditations. Make sure you get a good quality “no slip” mat and you’ll be glad you did. A good mat will probably cost you about $25 but could be as high as $60 or more depending on your tastes.

A Blanket

Again, if you are going to a studio for your introduction to yoga, a blanket will probably be supplied for you. It’s great to have a blanket to sit on if its tough for you to sit on the flat floor with legs crossed in a classic yoga pose. The blanket will come in handy. You can also use it to cover yourself if the studio is a bit cool, especially during periods of meditation and physical inactivity.

Other Useful Equipment

Other equipment for yoga includes wedges and blocks. They are about the size of a brick and are made of foam. They are used to help in body alignment when assuming certain yoga poses. Once again your studio will probably supply these but for yoga at home you may want to invest the $10 average cost to purchase your own.

Some yoga studios use cotton straps for stretching and maintaining certain yoga poses. They often include a D-ring and release buckle so the length and tension can easily be adjusted Make sure you get at least an 8 foot strap if you are taller than 6 feet.

In certain forms of yoga such as kundalini, there is basically just a mat used and not lots of other pieces of equipment.

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