Easy Effective Yoga Positions—Simple Beginners Tips For Yoga

What are the best yoga positions for beginners?

So you want to practice yoga. The question is which yoga positions would be best to begin with? Let me be clear at the outset. No one position will be perfect for every individual. However there are yoga positions that can be easier to practice.

health yoga pose The main thing you want to avoid when starting out is injury. In addition to this you want to enjoy yourself because if you enjoy it, you will practice it more often.

Ideally it would be nice for you to practice yoga three times a week for an hour and a half each time. Some of the key aspects of yoga is relaxation, stability and balance which will enhance your physical and mental well being.

Here is a brief overview of a couple of easy effective yoga positions for beginners.

Yoga Positions for Beginners

Mountain pose

To begin with ground yourself like a mountain. Spread your weight evenly over your feet feeling your weight go down through your feet into the ground. Activate your quadriceps which will pull your knee caps up.

Rotate your hips inward, this pushes your sit bones wider and then let your tail bone fall within the sit bones. Draw your belly in a little and bring your shoulders parallel to your pelvis.

Move the top of your head towards the ceiling, moving the shoulder blades back and down. As a beginner you can use the wall to help align your back.

Benefits – Helps to improve your posture and will also help you to strengthen your thighs.

Downward Facing Dog.

I know this sounds funny but this is one of my favorites. I really like the feeling from this pose and it is easy to perform. Go on your hands and knees with your wrists beneath your shoulders and your knees below your hips.

Curl your little toes pushing your back up while straightening your legs. Now with your hands on the ground spread your fingers and feel your weight grounding through your finger tips. At this point you should form the perfect V shape.

Benefits – Stretches your entire body and can actually help with back pain.

Those are just a couple of simple beginner yoga positions. Always remember that yoga is not a competitive sport. Take your time and get comfortable with each pose.

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