Dynamic Half Plow Yoga Pose

plow pose Instructions
- Lie with legs straightened and closed together, arms rested alongside your torso with palms on the floor.
- Exhale and contract your abs, lifting your legs then your hips up. Extend your legs and your upper torso toward the ceiling until they are nearly perpendicular to the floor. Firmly engage your abs muscles and extend your legs long and far. Consciously prevent your hips from dropping by feeling the power generated from your abs region to lengthen your spine upward.
- Inhale and bend from the hip joints then return your legs to 30 degrees angle with the floor, your abs kept firm and flat.
- Exhale and extend upward again. Do several rounds of this posture.

- When returning your legs down remember to slightly bend your legs backward from your hips joints, in this case you can roll down on your back to protect your spine.
- Do not extend your legs upward with explosive force and roll down with inertia. Use your abs muscles to keep the whole practice smooth and even.
- Firm your shoulder blades against your back to keep your shoulders, neck and your skull flat on the floor.

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